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Thank you for what you have given and continue to give to our community and to these awesome young ladies. Next term, Bea is looking forward to continuing to study the technique with you on Mondays. She’s open to a hive-style OG class on Tuesdays and would like to focus on ballroom and Latin but I guess she’d be open to some other stuff if it includes her OG tribe. With the caveat that she is also managing a hectic schedule so we’ve got to find balance.


Thank you for all you do! xxx

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child wear?


  • Any comfortable shirt & Trousers

  • Dance shoes (recommended)/ Non-slip socks/ Barefoot ; No street shoes or trainers



  • Any comfortable shirt & Trousers OR short dress OR skirt (If a skirt please ensure that leggings are worn underneath) ; No long dresses

  • Dance shoes (recommended) / Non-slip socks/ Barefoot ; No street shoes or trainers



  • We have full sets of BallroomBees uniforms for both boys and girls, including BallroomBees T-shirts and dance shoes for all ages (Boys and Girls)

  • Feel free to contact is for further details +852 4622 3215

What should I bring along?

  • A water bottle


How many children are in the class?

  • Depends on the Venue. In most our venues the class capacity is a maximum of 12 children

Am I allowed to stay and watch the class?

  • If your child is attending an assisted class (BabyBees) we encourage a guardian to be present

  • If your child is attending an unassisted class, we ask all guardians and parents to leave the studio to ensure we don’t have too many people in the studio, as well as allow the children to feel comfortable and at ease with the teacher

  • We are aware that their first class may seem overwhelming, and we will handle each case individually, but in our experience - most children perform at their best when there are no other adults in the room.

Pictures and Videos

We allow parents, guardians and teachers to take videos and photos during class


Health and safety

  • All our teachers have been vaccinated and are tested periodically as required

  • The equipment is cleaned and sanitized before the class. The children’s health and well being is our top priority

  • Wearing a mask

    • All our teachers wear mask while teaching; They may drop their masks during class from time to time to ensure that the children can hear and understand the instructions

    • Please ensure that your child wears a mask to class. It is not the responsibility of the teacher to ensure their masks are worn

Will we always have the same teacher?

Teacher may alternate between classes, so we cannot guarantee the same teacher in every class. We do our best to ensure consistency for the students

Contacting us and follow up after the class

Our teachers will not always be able to answer all your questions during class, especially if classes are running back to back. However - we would love to hear from you and will do our utmost best to open a dialogue between you and your child's teacher, even after the class to provide you with feedback on the class


Please feel free to contact us (call or WhatsApp) +852 4622 3215 with any questions or enquiry

BallroomBees x CHAMPIMOM

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