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Welcome to BallroomBees

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At BallroomBees your child will learn

Coordination & Musicality | Social Skills & Etiquette | Team Work & Self Confidence

BallromBees is a program based on the traditions of ballroom dancing,

but it is so much more than that...

"Recognizing that children cannot learn the waltz before they learn what is a heel and a toe and what is forward and backward, we have created a system that teaches children agility, and gross motor skills, but with the base of ballroom dancing (and a LOT of fun)."

Our program also teaches them to interact with each other as partners and across gender, culture, and language barriers, fostering a deep sense of self and respect for one's peers. BallroomBees is a one-of-a-kind program that follows core ballroom dancing principles, with high-energy activities, dance games, and choreography to chart-topping hits.

The brainchild of former “Strictly Come Dancing” professional Katya Virshilas and her world champion husband Klaus Kongsdal, BallroomBees combines unique insight into the entertainment world and a refreshing take into the world of ballroom dancing.


A Note from Katya

Welcome to our family creation! Thank you so much for visiting BallroomBees. I never started with the intention to create a business, I just wanted to find dance classes for my son. As a mom of two boys myself, I know how many choices parents have in choosing extracurricular activities for children. I wanted to share my story with you (the short version). In 2017 we had just moved from London to Hong Kong, I was a new mom living in a new country and I was taking my son to a lot of  classes. I found out that there were very few dance classes (almost none) with a broad enough appeal for both boys and girls. I told this to one of my friends, who is also a mom of boys, and she said to me that if there isn’t something out there- you should do it... And so I did. I started a few test classes for my children and their friends and the feedback was overwhelming. Working alongside my husband and top kindergarten educators, using our knowledge and experience of more than 30 years in the dance industry we were able to launch a program that is truly loved by the whole family. While we focus on technique and development, my aim for BallroomBees is to give children the confidence to partner their peers in a FUN, active environment. I guarantee you that your children will be just as exhausted and invigorated as if they have done an hour of football or rugby. I love receiving photos and videos of incredible and inspiring stories from our parents about their children’s experience with Ballroombees dance classes.  By developing healthy habits and a strong sense of self at an early age, I believe all our kids can be fully equipped to take on any challenge – on, or off, stage! We can’t wait to see you on our dance floors across Hong Kong and Beyond! Thank you, Katya

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