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Introducing BallroomBees, a fun and friendly new way for kids to connect through dance, music and play. The brainchild of former BBC 'Strictly Come Dancing' professional Katya Virshilas, BallroomBees combines unique insight into the entertainment world with Katya’s own experience as a mother of two. The result is an exciting new programme that unites children in a love of dance.

BallroomBees is a one-of-a-kind programme designed to nurture a child’s all-round development – all through the joy of dance.


Katya has seen for herself the incredible influence that dancing can have on young children, and has developed the BallroomBees programme especially to help introduce children to the wonderful world of Ballroom Dancing, all the while nurturing a wide variety of transferrable life skills.

Suitable for both boys and girls aged from walking to 8 years old, BallroomBees classes focus on developing children’s social skills and etiquette, building their confidence and fostering a deep sense of respect for their classmates, all while getting active with friends!

While many kids’ classes in Hong Kong focus on the teaching of just one discipline, BallroomBees takes a more accessible and multi-dimensional approach, using the prism of dance and music to encourage children’s growth in a fun and creative environment.

BallroomBees students can expect to reap a range of physical and mental benefits, including improved motor skills, balance and coordination, flexibility and agility, strength and fitness, and musicality and rhythm.

The social aspect of ballroom dance also offers the perfect framework for children to learn about partnership, etiquette, and teamwork – bringing boys and girls together, building self-confidence and mutual respect, whilst forging lasting friendships along the way.




Katya Virshilas

Katya became Canadian champion at the young age of 16 but quickly found out that her passion and calling was in the entertainment industry. Throughout her career she has danced with, and taught, an array of famous actors, singers and dancers incl. Antonio Banderas, Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez and many more. She was part of the cast of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing With The Stars) and after this produced and starred in her own tour production performing in over 80 theatres across The UK. A mother of 2 boys Katya conceived the idea for BallroomBees while looking for dance lasses for her son.

Klaus Kongsdal

A former World Champion Katya’s husband, Klaus, has been an integral part of BallroomBees right from its conception. Klaus now teaches many of the top competitive couples of today while also adjudicating in all major championships across the world. Having spent his life in the Ballroom dance industry, Klaus is instrumental in building and maintaining our dance syllabus and curriculum.

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