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Imagine having the best new dance concept right there in your building's clubhouse or even in your living room.

Our ‘Private Hives” are a great way to get your child and his or her friends dancing, even if you cannot find a location or time that suits you. 

We will send one of our fabulous teachers to your building and run a class on a day and at a time that suits you

Our private hives are the ultimate in fun and flexibility, they are a great way for your child to learn to dance together with their friends


The process is simple:

Find a few friends that love dancing as much as you do

Find your dance space and contact us

We will take care of the rest!


Drawing on decades of dance experience to create a fully bespoke curriculum, our vision is to provide vibrant and engaging group classes, or Hives, held at the participants’ home or clubhouse for the ultimate convenience.

Suitable for both boys and girls aged from walking to eight years old, BallroomBees classes focus on developing children’s social skills and etiquette, building their confidence and fostering a deep sense of respect for their classmates, all while getting active with friends!

Contact us with the group's details and we will take it from there.

Group Registration:

Send us the details and we will get back to you to coordinate the hive!

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