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5 Reasons Why Boys Should Dance

Updated: May 30, 2022

How your son can benefit from learning ballroom dancing

Confidence and respect

We have a duty to raise boys that make the world a safer place for girls. At BallroomBees, we firmly believe that this process starts in early childhood and that structured mixed-gender activities help build a healthy foundation for respect.

As boys progress in their dance practice, they’ll work up from solo steps to having a dance-partner. Dancing with someone else for the first time can be a daunting experience for anyone, and boys may not feel confident dancing with a girl the first few times. That said, we are firm believers that boys and girls benefit from mixed gender activities because this prepares them for school and life. We are here to support boys (and girls!) overcome shyness and have positive, healthy friendships with their dance-partners and classmates.

Whilst it’s normal to be shy around girls, boys also need to develop a respectful sense of confidence at a young age that will help them build healthy relationships as they grow up. Boys, naturally, are interested in knowing more about girls and at BallroomBees, we believe that respectful teenage and adult behaviours stem from positive, healthy interactions in early childhood. Too many extra-curricular activities in Hong Kong are single gender, leaving our young ones missing out on the opportunity to understand each other and practice interaction.

At BallroomBees, we break down these barriers by welcoming boys and girls to dance together. Practically, we focus on helping boys ask their dance-partner for a dance and lead their partner. All communications are taught in a structured manner rooted in manners, charm, and respect.

Manners, etiquette, and charm

Building manners is about helping our boys to cultivate and build positive, healthy behaviours. Are manners overrated? In a word “no”. Good manners are based in self-respect, strong values, and respect for others. The way we conduct ourselves is everything and can be the difference between making a great or a poor impression. It’s not about impressing others; it’s about helping our sons know their worth and put their best foot forward, wherever they go. Good manners are useful on and off the dancefloor and will serve your son well in school, friendships, and adulthood. Whilst “etiquette” may feel like an abstract and antiquated term, the steps we teach at BallroomBees are easy to understand and easy to implement. Your son will soon be charming you with his excellent manners!

Poise and posture

Most parents know all about posture, we correct it enough! But in all seriousness, good posture is vitally important for all of us, health-wise. Time spent hunched over screens isn’t good for developing spines. We teach our boys to stand tall, full of confidence and pride. This stance isn’t just helpful for healthy bone and muscle development but also works wonders for confidence. Through our simple exercises, we transform a “slumped” spine and hunched shoulders into a tall, strong, confident stance!

Fitness and strength

If you have ever seen a male dancer spin and twirl his partner in the air and make it look easy, trust us, it’s not! This level of skill comes from years of strength and fitness training; dancers are incredibly strong. So, whilst your son is working on his footwork, rhythm, and form, he’s also building excellent fitness and developing strong, supple muscles. Their time dancing will absolutely support their wider sporting practice, in fact, most BallroomBees Boys are also passionate rugby and soccer players. That fancy footwork isn’t just for show, dancing develops speed, agility, and an ability to move quickly. All skills which can be taken into other sports.


Nothing makes us happier than when our students find foster strong friendships. Having a friend in class is also one of the easiest ways to motivate your child to keep showing up for himself. We have seen some lovely friendships emerge this term among our BallroomBees Boys. Luca and Edward are now firm friends and spend each Monday together before class playing Pokemon cards. They encourage each other in class and are both progressing at an amazing rate!

We hope you enjoyed this blog, stay tuned for more from BallroomBees!

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