Age groups

Baby Bees 1.5 -2.5


1.5 - 2.5 years old

This is the perfect introduction to movement dance and music. It is an accompanied class where adults and children explore, experience and dance together.

Our main goal for this class is to familiarize the children with the BallroomBees class structure and to create confidence and independence by awakening their senses.

Gross motor skills and eye hand coordination exercises are introduced through play base dancing. The change we see in the BabyBees over the course of the classes is truly immense.

The confidence and body awareness they gain allows them such freedom and makes them better listeners and better movers.



2.5 - 4 years old

GrowingBees are indeed growing and they are developing at an enormous pace. During these years children create the first systems and habits for movement, so we build on the experiences they have gained from their life already.

Children learn more about how their body moves and how to coordinate movement with music, this is something that has proven to stimulate cognitive development, and it is always amazing to see how they become more comfortable in movement.

Etiquette and social skills are introduced with simple play-based exercises, and we get our first taste of actual Ballroom Dancing.  Most importantly we always make sure to finish with a dance party.



4 - 6 years old

HoneyBees love to dance, play and sing, but they also are in an age where their learning is starting to improve. Suddenly it is fun to learn and they love it when they remember the steps in our fun dances. Our posture, balance and coordination games are more difficult now and we work more on the dynamics of the body.

Still keeping the BallroomBees play-based environment, we now properly introduce the steps of ballroom dancing and we teach the children to get an understanding of partnering and etiquette. These are all skills they will carry with them for life.



6 - 8 years old

Our MightyBees are just incredible. The children love to be challenged and they love the partner games. At this age we are still focused on coordination and musicality but we are now teaching the children more advanced ballroom dancing figures so the understanding of working with a partner is becoming more and more immersed in the classes.

The children love to perform for each other and for their parents and it is so fantastic to see the etiquette, poise and grace they carry with them wherever they go.