2021 BallroomBees Ball - Show 3

Dear Parents,

Please welcome to our BallroomBees Ball page, here you will find your childs show time and the amount of tickets you purchased. If you don’t see your child's name on the list,  please get in touch with us as this means you have not yet purchased your tickets.

At BallroomBees we are very passionate about encouraging young girls and boys to follow their dreams and of  course to develop their passions towards art and dance. We are so grateful and honoured to have your support and join us in  celebrating your children's achievements.

2021 ballroombees ball show (3)

What should my child wear?
We would love for all the kids to be in our beautiful BallroomBees uniform for the performance. Please contact us on 4622 3215 to purchase your uniform today. 

What should my child bring?
Lots of energy!
Something warm
A snack (No peanuts please)
A water bottle 

What time should we arrive?

What is the address of the show?
DanzStage Dance Studio, 20/F
148 Electric Road, Tin Hau

Please note that children and parents are to keep their masks on throughout the entire event.

Show 3 - 18:00 - 19:30

Group 1
Bongo March On
I’m A Little Snowman
Can’t Stop The Feeling
Silent Night
Rockin Around The Christmas Tree
Bumble Bee Walk Off

Tickets    |    Childs Name

1x Eleanor Lee
1x Madeleine Lee
1x Olivia Lai
2x Alexander Yutian Tu
2x Amalia Abegg
2x Audree Ma
2x Chase Yuen
2x Chin Yuet Liu
2x Dylan Hansen
2x Elsa Ni
2x Emma
3x Luna
2x Mika Jefferies
2x Zelia Rico
2x Zhao Jinhan
3x Sophia Van

Group 2
Bongo March On
Savage Love
Let me take you to Rio
Silent Night
Jingle Bell Rock
Bumble Bee Walk Off

Tickets   |   Childs Name

1x Annabelle Hunt
1x Leah Hindes
1x Maxwell Mitchell
1x Olivia
2x Amelia Doherty
2x Amy
2x Giada Ferdinandi
2x Keilyn Gautier
2x Mica collins
2x Ming Hau Wong
2x Monaco`
2x Savannah Celenk
3x Jade Gavelle
4x Emily Dore
4x Khiara Wijayadasa

Group 3
Bongo March On
Silent Night
Spiderman Jive
I Like to Move It
Let me take you to Rio
Rockin Around The Christmas Tree
Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me
Bumble Bee Walk Off

Tickets   |   Childs Name

1x Edward Covalschi
1x Ottilie Pile
1x Piper Kwon
2x Emelie Backe
2x Frankie Pile
2x Oriel Tang
3x Ellie Cox
4x Arabelle

Group 4
Bongo March On
You Light Up My Life
Don’t Start Now
Let me take you to Rio
Jingle Bell Rock
You Make Me Feel Like Christmas
Bumble Bee Walk Off

Tickets   |   Childs Name

1x Beatrice Hunt
1x Bella Freeman
1x Isabel Toller
1x Jacob
1x Jemima Freeman
1x Lulu Freeman
2x Esme Eldon
2x Imogen Lawson
2x Jaimie Bremner
2x Jessica Mackley
2x Lucinda Verkade
2x Matilda Stewart
2x Milou Dasgupta
2x Niamh walsh
2x Tatum stanley
3x Hana Bridgeford
3x Martha Stern